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Eyelash Curler


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Create wonderfully curled lashes with this slim, sleek, professional eyelash curler.

  • Stainless steel frame provides a firm grip while its curved silicone pad bends lashes to perfection
  • Silicone pad protects lashes for curling before and after mascara
  • Uniquely shaped to fit all eye shapes and curl entire lash bandwidth
  • Curl from lash roots and pump curler from root to tip
  • Includes one silicone refill pad (replace pad every six months)
  • Before applying mascara, open and press down onto lashes.
  • Hold and release.
  • Once mascara is dry, use again for glamorous lashes. Start with curler at the base of lashes then give gentle pumps as you work the curler through to the middle of the lashes.

For maximum curl, use The Eyelash Curler before and after mascara (the red silicone cushion allows you to do this gently and fearlessly).

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