Tint, Moisturize & Blend Face Stick



Some days you want more coverage, and others, just a kiss of tint. It’s the inspiration behind the Tinted Face Stick, a two-in-one-product that makes applying your base a breeze. This impossibly light, super-smooth cream-gel formula is designed for buildable coverage—and you’ve never found a tinted moisturizer that’s easier to blend. Très effortless.

Infused with natural coconut oil, this ultra-smooth gel formula glides on like liquid, drying to a luxurious, power-soft finish.

Draw on your face with the easy-gliding Face Stick in light strokes, applying where you naturally need coverage: the forehead, cheeks, chin and bridge of the nose.

For a natural, uniform look, don’t forget the jawbone and upper neck.

Flip your product to the opposite side and use the face blender to buff the formula into the skin. Specifically designed to blend our cream-gel formula without streaking or caking, this ultra-soft, easy-to-use sponge buffs beautifully without absorbing too much product.

In small, light strokes, buff the formula into your skin in an outward motion, blending into the ears, hairline and lower jaw for a clean, natural look.

Easily remove and wash the sponge as needed.

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