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Nourishing Moisture Cream


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The lightweight, oil-free Nourishing Moisture Cream helps to protect your skin and restores optimal water balance, without leaving it feeling greasy or clogging pores.

Regular use of this facial moisturizer will leave your feeling rejuvenated and more supple, and enhanced rehydration helps diminish the appearance of fine lines. Enhanced with BeautyRx antioxidant complex Triantiox, the Nourishing Moisture Cream provides protection while it hydrates. This facial moisturizer even provides temporary improvement to fine lines and creates a beautiful base for flawless makeup application.

  • Apply sparingly (about a pea-sized amount) to clean, dry skin after cleansing and/or serum application.
  • Can be used both morning and evening, and throughout the day.
  • Triantiox (only available from BeautyRx): Proprietary compound of three bio-complementary antioxidants proven to offer clinically superior protection against UV and free radical premature skin aging and damage
  • BV-OSC: Improves skin firmness; Lightens skin by reducing melanin formation; Very potent free radical fighting antioxidant
  • Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract: Soothing and anti-inflammatory, provides antioxidant protection against free radical damage
  • Vitamin E Acetate: Enhances the moisture content of skin while improving elasticity, smoothness and reduces membrane oxidative damage
  • Tocotrienol: Augments the efficacy of sunscreens containing compounds that reduce penetration or increase absorption of ultraviolet radiation; First line of defense against free radicals generated in the skin by UV / ozone rays
  • Soybean Seed Extract: Helps firm the appearance of skin while providing antioxidant protection against sun damage
  • Dimethicone: Protects the skin while providing a smooth surface for even makeup application

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