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Clarifying Toner


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While a cleanser removes most of the dirt, debris, dead skin cells and excess oil from your face, if it were strong enough to completely remove everything, it would irritate your face. Cleansers are kept gentle (to avoid irritating your face), while facial toners are used to complete the cleansing process.

This gentle, alcohol-free facial toner and make-up remover eliminates residual dirt, oils, cleanser, and make-up from even the driest skin, effectively completing the cleansing process.

It can even be used for a quick refresh any time throughout the day. With this facial toner skin will be left clear, clean, healthy looking, and ready for your next skincare product.

  • Use after facial cleanser, to remove makeup, or as needed throughout the day.
  • Apply to thin cotton pad, and gently wipe over face.
  • Repeat until all traces of dirt or makeup are removed. Use multiple pads if needed.
  • Sodium PCA to help maintain proper hydration
  • Cypress Tree Bark Extract a natural astringent

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