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Botanical D Moisture Mist


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This mist is a must-have! A simple step to supercharge your entire skincare routine, this lightweight moisturizer and toner in one preps and hydrates the skin so that your favorite facial oil, serum or moisturizer can perform at its best.

Part lightweight moisturizer, part toner, this botanical mist infuses the skin with emollient oils and Botanical E via a delayed time-release delivery system. Shiitake mushroom, a natural and vegan source of Botanical D, helps tone and balance. The result? Long-lasting hydration and unparalleled efficacy that boosts the effectiveness of your entire skincare regimen. This game-changing step in your beauty routine preps and hydrates the skin so that facial oil, serum or moisturizer can perform at its best.

Shake gently.
Mist cleansed face.
Follow with moisturizer as desired.
The mist is also perfect as a finishing step to set makeup.
Spritz throughout the day to refresh and rehydrate skin.

This is the perfect product to use before serums and moisturizers, since those need to be applied to damp skin. Not only does it help to support the skin’s pH after cleansing, it acts as an additional barrier against water loss. Because it’s also a lightweight moisturizer, it may be the only product some skin types need after cleansing.

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