BEAUTYRX Glycolic Peel

BeautyRx Glycolic Peel

The secret to gorgeous, glowing skin is here! We've partnered with world renowned dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz, often referred to as "the father of glycolic", to offer his signature 40% BeautyRx glycolic peel at all Blushington locations. With this two minute peel, you get all the benefits of a chemical peel with none of the redness, peeling or irritation. No downtime either, just gorgeous, glowing, soft skin. Many Blushington customers have their makeup done right after their glycolic peel. The BeautyRx glycolic peel takes just 10 minutes, with a full face makeup application, about 45 minutes. Dr. Schultz recommends having a peel once a month as benefits of the peel increase over time. Blushington offers a BeautyRx Peel series,
six peels for the price of five.

Peel & Makeup combo

Full Face

Neck and Décolleté


Peel Bar Series