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Combat Winter Skin With Dr. Neal Schultz’s BeautyRx Glycolic Peels at Blushington

BeautyRx Glycolic Peel

Maintaining healthy, smooth and youthful looking skin is important all year round, but making sure it remains that way during the dry and cooler winter months can present a challenge to even the most dedicated to their skin care. Blushington has partnered with renowned dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz, founder of BeautyRx, to offer his incredible glycolic peel regimen at every Blushington location, to provide our clients the opportunity to experience the results of the quick and pain-free, no recovery treatment that helps your skin retain moisture and a smooth surface even under the most challenging weather conditions. 

Blushington had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Schultz to understand his philosophy for creating BeautyRx, specifically his signature 40% BeautyRx glycolic peel. According to Dr. Schultz, our skin is made up of water glands and oil glands (it’s important to know your skin type: check out Dr. Schultz’s blog to learn more). In the winter, the air around us has less moisture. And, any moisture we have in our skin naturally gets drawn out by the air around us during the colder months of the year, creating drier skin as compared to the other seasons. Dry skin is essentially the absence of hydration in our skin! Most of us would immediately choose to use products that hold in moisture, slathering on thick moisturizers in the hope of warding off scaly, dry, and red skin. However, Dr. Schultz shared that this process isn’t helpful. Because of environmental factors, makeup, and other reasons, our skin has a layer of dead skin cells on the surface which can’t just be washed off, and which will prevent whatever moisturizer you are applying to not work as effectively. 

So what should you do to combat dry winter skin? Dr. Schultz’s revolutionary glycolic peel treatment, available at every Blushington location, is the perfect answer. By implementing a peel regimen, the foundation of all skin care, the layer of dead skin cells are removed, with your skin essentially being allowed to start fresh. After your skin is cleaned and prepped, the two minute glycolic peel is applied by a professional, followed by an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type. Blushington clients are able to have makeup applied immediately after their glycolic peel treatment, with zero redness or irritation. And, makeup goes on better and smoother after your glycolic peel. 

Because there are no immediate fixes, Dr. Schultz recommends a monthly glycolic peel (although the first two treatments should be within two weeks of each other), which gives you the opportunity to maintain a skin care treatment at home in line with the peel regimen. Blushington is offering all its clients a special to purchase a series of five peels with a sixth for free, which gives you the rest of the winter to maintain smooth and lush looking skin. 

You would never leave your home in the winter months without a coat – and it’s just as important to protect your skin (whether it’s your face, neck, or hands, the latter two which take a beating from the wind and cold air too!). A BeautyRx glycolic peel at Blushington is quick, painless, and has immediate results: combined with consistent, at home care and a high quality moisturizer for your delicate skin areas,  you can expect that your winter skin will be as luxurious now as during the rest of the year.