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Learn Customized Professional-level Makeup Techniques at a Blushington Class

At Blushington, we love making you look your beautiful best. Something else we love, though, is teaching you the techniques of expert makeup application and hair styling. The classes we offer at all of our Lounges around the country are incredibly informative – and more fun than you can imagine.

Makeup 101

In just an hour, our artists can teach you tips and tricks that will absolutely transform the way you approach skincare and makeup. Blushington’s Makeup 101 classes offer easy, step-by-step instruction on ways to keep your skin healthy and show you how to make it easy to look phenomenal. The savings on products purchased after the classes are phenomenal, too – 10% off!

Group Classes

Want a really different idea for a girls’ night out? A group makeup class is truly unique…and after the class, you can all hit the town for a girls’ night out like you’ve never had before. For bridal showers, birthdays, graduation parties, sorority or class reunions, or any other special occasion, a Blushington Group Makeup Class is an event that everyone remember (with new makeup skills that no one will forget).

New Makeup Classes at Blushington with Expert Makeup Artists  

Blushington has now introduced eight additional makeup classes starting in September 2019. These classes are designed to be fun and empowering, and there is something for everyone!

How to Take Ten Years Off Your Face

This makeup class is for those who want to look more youthful and understand how to best apply makeup to aging skin. Students will learn how to moisturize and prep skin, soften fine lines, and help makeup absorb without looking dry or cakey. Less is more when it comes to aging skin, and our expert makeup artists will show you how to take years off your face with our curated independent, female-founded skincare and beauty products.

“No Makeup” Makeup

Learn how to apply a beautiful, finished face of makeup without looking like you are actually wearing heavy makeup, aka the “no makeup” makeup look. This is the perfect go-to for many women, and includes education on the importance of skincare, skin prep, and choosing the right products for effortless beauty.

Skincare makeup class
Skincare 101 Class

Eye Makeup

Don’t be intimidated by eye makeup! Our eye makeup class will teach you all about the proper methods for priming, shading, lining and concealing the eyes along with brow and lash techniques. Each of our classes are customized to you, so don’t just settle for an online tutorial, come in and let us show you exactly how to make your eye makeup application a breeze like the professionals.

Date Night Makeup

Take date night to the next level with a fresh, flirty makeup look! Our date night makeup class starts with skincare prep and a Sarah Happ lip treatment and ends with our clients learning how to get a fresh, flirty look perfect for a night out from a professional makeup artist.

Job Interview Makeup

Job interviews are stressful enough without having to worry about how to do your makeup perfectly to set the right tone. It’s important to look polished and professional, and our makeup artists will help you do just that with this makeup class whether you are going for an interview or just another day at the office. Learn how to create a minimal makeup look that leaves you feeling confident, without distracting from your talents.

Skincare 101

Get back to the basics with our Skincare 101 class. Our expert makeup artists provide product recommendations based on your individual skin type and teach you how to properly tune up your complexion. We will also troubleshoot or target any areas that you specifically have concerns about or want to work on!

Teen Skin 101 Class

Teen Skin 101

This new Blushington class will help educate teens about their newly hormonal skin, how to properly take care of their skin and why sun protection is so important starting at a young age.  It’s never too early to start learning about how to treat and protect your skin!

Parent Daughter Skin & Makeup 101

The parent daughter skin and makeup class is designed to help parents guide their daughter on how to apply makeup that is age appropriate. Parents will encourage their daughters and our expert makeup artists will demonstrate how to properly conceal breakouts or redness while highlighting their gorgeous features.

To learn more (pun intended!), just visit the Classes page. Or, book your makeup class today. As your parents, teachers and professors always told you, nothing is more beautiful than knowledge!