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Event Space Rentals in NYC, LA and Dallas

Planning a special party or event for your team, colleagues, or clients? Treat your guests with the ultimate experience of a Blushington pretty party! Blushington offers space rentals at all of our makeup & beauty lounge locations. Depending on the size of your party, you can reserve a private party room or take over the entire space for your next event. Each guest will receive unlimited makeup applications, dry styling, champagne, and more from our experienced makeup artists and stylists.

Give the Gift of Beauty

Event Venue RentalsEveryone appreciates the gift of pampering and beauty, and parties are much more fun when everyone looks and feels their best. Blushington’s pretty parties are the perfect choice for corporate events, holiday parties, and more. Our space rentals also provide an excellent gift for clients.

New Movie or Television Show Release

Booking a space rental at Blushington before the release of a new movie or television show creates the ultimate consumer experience. Our expert stylists and makeup artists can recreate looks from many of your favorite television shows including Pretty Little Liars, or more recently, the Amazon TV show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Hosting Influencers or Editors

It can be difficult to find the right setting to present influencers and editors with new ideas. You’ll want to make sure they feel relaxed and content before showing them your product or idea. Our pretty parties provide an excellent opportunity to host influencers. Once they’ve received some much needed pampering and attention, you can let them try out your new product or brand.

Professional Headshots

Event Space RentalsPortraits of your employees are important for your company website and marketing materials. These portraits help build a solid reputation for your company and create consumer trust in your brand. It’s crucial to have up-to-date, high quality images of your employees.

Prior to the start of next year, schedule headshots for your employees. A pretty party at Blushington can help you prepare. Your employees are sure to appreciate the extra polish they’ll receive and you’ll appreciate the beautiful images your photographer is able to capture when your employees look and feel their best.

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Treat your team to a priceless afternoon or evening of pampering. A pretty party at Blushington helps employees relax and unwind after a stressful day. This ensures they’ll come back to work refreshed and ready to work. Teams in California, New York, and Texas can enjoy these priceless events all year long!

Celebrate at Blushington because feeling pretty is priceless! Please contact us at [email protected] for more information about our Pretty Party packages.