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Come to Blushington for Your Next Dry Hair Styling Service

Blowout and Makeup in NYC

From braids to updos and everything in between, there are numerous ways to style your hair. Regardless of the style you prefer, your hair stylist most likely wets your hair prior to styling it. What many people do not realize is that certain styles actually come out better when styled dry. Dry styling provides a fast and convenient alternative for individuals looking to update their look or revive an existing blow dry.

For a limited time, Blushington is offering dry styling services at all five of our Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge locations. Participants come in with dry hair and can choose between a variety of popular styles including straight and sleek, beachy waves, braid, or bun. Our expert stylists complete these styles without ever washing or wetting the hair. This saves time and helps protect hair from damage. Our dry styling services are available now through December 31st, 2019.

High Quality Hair Products

Dry Hair Styling in NYC

At Blushington, we believe that healthy hair begins with high quality hair products. This is why our experts use specially selected tools and products from GHD and Ouai. These products help ensure healthy hair that looks and feels great.

During your appointment, your stylist will evaluate your hair and select the best products for your needs. This customized approach helps ensure that each client receives the personalized attention and care they deserve.

Who Should Consider Dry Styling?

Dry styling provides an excellent alternative for anyone wanting to update their look or extend the life of an existing blowout. This type of service also provides additional benefits for individuals with dry or damaged hair.

Hair is generally weaker when wet, making it easier to break. Dry styling is the perfect choice for individuals with damaged hair caused by heat, chemicals, or over-manipulation as well as those that suffer from severe tangles. Styling hair when dry ensures it’s at its strongest.

Dry styling is an excellent choice for individuals that don’t have a lot of time to get their hair styled. Our expert hair stylists work on your dry hair and complete your style in 30-45 minutes, making dry styling ideal before meetings, parties, and other important events. For maximum convenience, visitors to Blushington can save time and be more efficient by having dry styling and makeup done under one roof. We offer a Full Face Makeup Application and Dry Styling package for under $100.

Premier Makeup & Beauty Lounge

Blushington offers a variety of premier hair, makeup, and skincare services from our five Makeup & Beauty Lounges located in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas. Our beauty experts have years of experience providing affordable and professional services including makeup applications, glycolic peels, dry hair styling, faux lashes, lash extensions, makeup classes, wedding services, and more.

Blushington’s Dry Styling service is available for a limited time at all of our Makeup & Beauty Lounge locations. Visitors can choose from a 30 minute styling for $35 or a 45 minute Custom Dry Styling service for $50. Dry Styling is available for both adults and children.

Please contact us for more information about our services or to setup a Dry Styling appointment.