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On Location Makeup & Hair Services

On Location Makeup Services

On location hair and makeup company When planning an event, makeup and hair are probably the last things on your mind. While the details of your event are extremely important to its success, flawless makeup and hair helps complete your look and ensures you make a good impression.

While you may know a variety of tips and tricks for applying everyday makeup and hair, it can be difficult to achieve the perfect look on the day of your event. Nerves and tight schedules can affect the way you apply your makeup. This is especially true for major events.

Hiring a professional makeup artist can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. A makeup artist helps ensure a clean, flawless finish that’s guaranteed to last throughout your entire event. The artist can also style your hair whether it’s a sleek up-do or beachy waves you are looking for. Hiring a Blushington artist also makes event preparations less stressful. A little pampering before your big event might be just what you need to relax and unwind.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist

It takes talent and skill to create a balanced, natural appearance. Blushington’s expert makeup artists understand how to apply makeup so that it looks both beautiful and natural. We use a wide range of products and techniques that our team has taken years to perfect.

Many people don’t know the correct way to apply makeup for the camera. Without proper application, makeup can look washed out in pictures. This can create problems if you’ll be photographed at your next event. Our professional makeup artists use their unique attention to detail to ensure you look good both in person and on camera. Our team understands the proper coverage, pigments, and colors needed to create a flawless look.

Blush on the Go Professional Makeup & Hair Services

On Location hair and makeup professionals blush on the goWhen preparing for an event, visiting a Blushington Makeup & Skincare Lounge isn’t always an option. Time constraints and other issues can make it impossible to visit one of our locations. With our Blush on the Go services, our makeup artists come directly to you. This provides a convenient option for people looking to save time on the day of their big event.

We offer a variety of Blush on the Go services including makeup and hair packages and skincare services. Our team arrives with everything they need to help you create the perfect look. Our kits are consistent, curated, and completely hygienic.  We only use the highest quality makeup, skincare, and hair products from leading female-founded indy brands such as Stila, Becca, Ouai, Erborian, Jouer, Julie Hewett, Girlactik, Tata Harper, BeautyRx, and more.

At Blushington, our professional makeup artists have the skills and experience necessary to help you look your best. Our Blush on the Go services bring our expert makeup artists directly to your home, office, hotel, or other location. This is the perfect option for weddings, corporate events, bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthday parties, and more.

Professional Makeup Services for Your Next Event

Blushington offers a wide range of beauty services on location and at our Makeup & Skincare Lounges located in California, New York, and Texas. Please call one of our lounges for more information about our Blush on the Go services.