Makeup Tips & Tricks For Winter Skin

Winter Skin

An early spring might be predicted but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the winter woods just yet – are you feeling like your skin is looking a bit pale and wan?

If so, don’t fret – as luck would have it, not only is spring around the corner, but our Blushington Beauty Lounge makeup artist Lauren Serra shares her tried and true makeup tips and tricks to liven up the look of your face until the sun and warm weather make their appearance!

Application Tips & Tricks

Our makeup artist shares that a few tweaks to your normal application routine can make all the difference for your winter makeup look, such as:

● Use a large fluffy brush to deposit universal color all over your face

● Use a smaller brush to control where contour, bronzer and blush are applied

● Use your fingers to apply highlighter and to avoid fallout

● Use a Beauty Blender to blend contour.

Step by Step Process and Products For Maximum Winter Makeup Results

Makeup artist Laura Serra recommends starting your winter makeup application process with well exfoliated and well moisturized skin, then using a dewy finish foundation of blemish balm cream to achieve a smooth, healthy complexion. She recommends always moisturizing your lips with Jouer Lip Enhancer and brightening and priming your eyelids with light pink cream and purple brightening powder in Stila Color Correcting Palettes. Full steps for achieving a beautiful winter look are as follows:

Step 1: Self Tan with Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals

● Apply self tanner all over your face and neck with a fluffy brush. Remember to get behind your ears!

Step 2: Apply Contour

● Use Darker Vita Liberata to contour your cheekbones, around your hairline, your eye crease, and your jawbone.

Step 3: Apply Bronzer

● Apply Kevyn Aucoin Neo Bronzer (Sunrise Light, for example) all over your face, then use a darker shade for your cheekbones. Remember to sweep up and around your hairline, over the bridge of your nose and down your neck.

● Use a dark shade of bronzer to shade and define your eye crease, then use your finger to stamp a light shade to your eyelids.

Step 4: Add Color

● Apply Trestique Blush Stick (we love Coral) to build color on the apples of your cheeks and center of your eye crease, then apply to your moisturized lips.

Step 5: Apply Highlighter

● Finally, apply Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer along the tops of your cheekbones, being sure to blend all the way onto the apples of your cheeks. Use your fingers to add products to the bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow, under your eyebrows, and the center of your forehead. To finish off the look, add Jouer Powder Highlighter (Skinny DDip) to the center of your lips.

Don’t let winter weather get your skin down! Take a stab at adding a new winter makeup routine to keep the doldrums at bay: you’ll be glad you did and look beautiful all the way to spring!


Oscar Beauty Inspired by Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity Make Up Style

Here at Blushington Beauty Lounge, we take inspiration for our makeup, skin and hair styles from anywhere that it speaks to us, whether that’s the runway, editorial, or red carpet.

Recently, we were so inspired by Scarlett Johansson’s look at the 2020 Oscars that we asked Blushington makeup artist Jamie Fisher from our Weho location to re-create it and share how we achieved the look on our Blushington guests.

Originally created by Johansson’s makeup artist Frankie Boyd, the look showcases an all over glow that was achieved by contouring the star’s face with bronzer, then using highlighter in the inner corners of her eyes to make them pop.

To finish the design, Johansson’s lids were done in a silvery taupe that added warmth to the overall look, while glossy lips completed the inspiring look.

For our Blushington re-creation, makeup artist Jamie suggests the following: prep your skin by utilizing Embryolisse Moisturizer, Erborian CC Red Correct (on your T-zone and nose), and Erborian Pink Perfect Cream Blurring Primer, all of which provide a perfect base for airbrushing.

Follow the prep with Airbrush Temptu Warm Ivory, Girlactik Casablanca Bronzer, Becca Flowerchild Blush and Becca Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector.

To achieve the same incredible eyes that Johansson had, prep by brushing bronzer in your eye crease (we suggest the same bronzer as on your face), then apply Warm Brown shadow from Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette, Stila Rose Gold Retro Glitter and Stila Glow Liquid Eyeshadow, Black Stila Smudge Pot Waterproof Eyeliner, and Stila Lionfish for the bottom liner of your eye.

Lip beauty can be achieved by applying Julie Hewitt Viva, then Julie Hewitt Sand Liner, and finally Nude Envie Whisper Gloss for a final shimmer. Finish the overall look with Slay All Day Setting Spray and head out for an evening of glamour all your own!


Combat Winter Skin With Dr. Neal Schultz’s BeautyRx Glycolic Peels at Blushington

BeautyRx Glycolic Peel

Maintaining healthy, smooth and youthful looking skin is important all year round, but making sure it remains that way during the dry and cooler winter months can present a challenge to even the most dedicated to their skin care. Blushington has partnered with renowned dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz, founder of BeautyRx, to offer his incredible glycolic peel regimen at every Blushington location, to provide our clients the opportunity to experience the results of the quick and pain-free, no recovery treatment that helps your skin retain moisture and a smooth surface even under the most challenging weather conditions. 

Blushington had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Schultz to understand his philosophy for creating BeautyRx, specifically his signature 40% BeautyRx glycolic peel. According to Dr. Schultz, our skin is made up of water glands and oil glands (it’s important to know your skin type: check out Dr. Schultz’s blog to learn more). In the winter, the air around us has less moisture. And, any moisture we have in our skin naturally gets drawn out by the air around us during the colder months of the year, creating drier skin as compared to the other seasons. Dry skin is essentially the absence of hydration in our skin! Most of us would immediately choose to use products that hold in moisture, slathering on thick moisturizers in the hope of warding off scaly, dry, and red skin. However, Dr. Schultz shared that this process isn’t helpful. Because of environmental factors, makeup, and other reasons, our skin has a layer of dead skin cells on the surface which can’t just be washed off, and which will prevent whatever moisturizer you are applying to not work as effectively. 

So what should you do to combat dry winter skin? Dr. Schultz’s revolutionary glycolic peel treatment, available at every Blushington location, is the perfect answer. By implementing a peel regimen, the foundation of all skin care, the layer of dead skin cells are removed, with your skin essentially being allowed to start fresh. After your skin is cleaned and prepped, the two minute glycolic peel is applied by a professional, followed by an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type. Blushington clients are able to have makeup applied immediately after their glycolic peel treatment, with zero redness or irritation. And, makeup goes on better and smoother after your glycolic peel. 

Because there are no immediate fixes, Dr. Schultz recommends a monthly glycolic peel (although the first two treatments should be within two weeks of each other), which gives you the opportunity to maintain a skin care treatment at home in line with the peel regimen. Blushington is offering all its clients a special to purchase a series of five peels with a sixth for free, which gives you the rest of the winter to maintain smooth and lush looking skin. 

You would never leave your home in the winter months without a coat – and it’s just as important to protect your skin (whether it’s your face, neck, or hands, the latter two which take a beating from the wind and cold air too!). A BeautyRx glycolic peel at Blushington is quick, painless, and has immediate results: combined with consistent, at home care and a high quality moisturizer for your delicate skin areas,  you can expect that your winter skin will be as luxurious now as during the rest of the year. 


Ring in 2020 With Blushington!

At Blushington we believe that everyone should feel beautiful for any occasion, whether for date night, girls night, first day on the job, or a night on the town. We especially love celebrating the biggest night of the year, New Year’s Eve, and feel like it’s a wonderful reason to celebrate not only the new year but also YOU! There are so many ways that Blushington can help enhance your natural beauty and make your New Year’s Eve the best yet: book your appointment today for one of our signature services and ring in 2020 with us! 

Makeup Services

BeautyRx Peel Transformation 

Let Blushington help transform your face into the perfect, smooth canvas for New Year’s Eve. Our signature 40% BeautyRx Peel, courtesy of world renowned dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz, provides the best surface for makeup to glide on easily and smoothly, giving you a radiant glow! 

Skincare Makeup Artist

Gorgeous Full Face Makeup

Book your appointment for our gorgeous full face makeup service – you can relax knowing that professionals are at work creating a look that is entirely and perfectly you! We offer a variety of signature looks or perhaps you’ll find some inspiration from one of these styles: 

Full Face Makeup

Stunning Dry Hairstyling 

Top off your New Year’s Eve look with a beautiful hairstyle, courtesy of Blushington. Our beauty lounge hairstylists can take your dry hair and make it into whatever vision you might have of your hair – from a sophisticated bun, to straight and sleek, to tousled waves..the skies the limit. Picture perfect party hair: that’s what you’ll get at Blushington! 

Dry Hairstyling

Don’t delay – book your Blushington BeautyRx Peel, Full Face Makeup, and Dry Hairstyling appointment today! New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Let us create the perfect look for you, so you feel beautiful inside and out, from head to toe!  Book now


Blushington Stocking Stuffers: The Perfect Gift For Every Beauty in Your Life

simply glowing makeup for the daytime

Sometimes the best and most luxurious gifts in life come in small packages – and a gift from Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge definitely fits the bill! With gift giving season upon us, don’t delay to stock up on these fantastic stocking stuffers. It isn’t too late to purchase a gift AND make someone very special to you very happy! 

Beautiful Gifts for $25, $50, or $100

At Blushington we offer a variety of gift options at a range of price points, knowing that holiday budgets vary. You can view the entire assortment of our holiday gifts via our Blushington guide here, Some of our favorites include: 

Gifts Under $25: We love pampering our lips, especially in the colder weather. Consider this Essential Lip Care Duo for a friend or loved one. We also know how busy the holidays can be – perhaps this Relaxing Lotion  would be welcome, or this hemp and melatonin patch, Nite-Nite, to help someone get some relaxing rest. 

Gifts Under $50: Now’s the time of year to make your eyes sparkle and shine! We love these sets of eyeshadows that make a real impact: the No B-S Eye Shadow Palette and the Essential Matte and Shimmer Palette. After all that partying, gift your beauty the gift of sleep with a beautiful Sleep Mask

Gifts Under $100: Those important lovelies in your life deserve to be pampered! Why not gift them any of these delightful stocking stuffers: the best-selling Progressive Peel, a six week glycolic exfoliation system for your skin; a soothing 100% silk Pillowcase; or maybe an incredible Hydraluxe Cream, created to nourish, hydrate and soothe all skin types. 

Flexible Gift Cards

If you find you can’t decide what to purchase, consider one of our Blushington Pretty Cash gift cards! Gift cards are flexible and available starting at $25.00. 

Ultimate Stocking Stuffer: Carte Blanche Plus!

To make someone’s holiday gift over the top, take the next step and purchase them the ultimate stocking stuff, Blushington’s Carte Blanche Plus membership! This membership provides unlimited expert makeup applications, brow maintenance, faux lash applications, airbrushing, 10% off all product purchases, and unlimited dry hairstyling for $375 a month, and is an excellent value for anyone who comes in at least four times in a month for makeup and dry hairstyling combined. 

Time To Shop! 

Blushington believes that beauty and self-care should be available for everyday occasions such as meetings, dates, girls’ nights, or just looking extra polished for no occasion at all. We would love to have you share any of these stocking stuffers with the beautiful friends and family in your life, as any time is a good time for pretty! 


‘Tis The Season To Be Living Coral: Four Makeup Looks To Celebrate The Holiday Party Season

For the holidays, we were inspired by the warmth and optimism of Living Coral, Pantone’s color of 2019. Not only is coral our signature color, as you can see throughout our lounges, but it’s a color that suits any skin tone and mood. With the busy social season approaching, we offer these on-trend and festive looks for everyone.

Our founder, Stephi Maron, states, “I remember when Blushington was just an idea, and we were trying to pick what our signature color should be. I immediately found myself gravitating towards blush tones, specifically a combination of blush, orange and salmon. It’s cheerful, bright, happy, warm, everything that we embody. I also remember someone telling me that Karl Lagerfeld once said, blush is universally flattering on everyone and makes everyone look better. I think it’s a color that can used year round and on everybody.”

Holiday Party 2019 Makeup Looks

The cornerstone of Lucky Stars is a perfectly lined eye. Brittany’s eyes are lined with an upturned emerald green cat eye, which complements her coral face and super shiny nude coral lips. Prime the skin with Pink Perfect 4 in 1 Primer, Shimmer Shade SPF30, Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner, and finish with a wash of sun-kissed coral with The Neo-Bronzer

Erin embodies Blushington’s Pure & Natural Coral look with a wash of feminine coral on her eyes, cheeks, and lips, all highlighted with subtle and pretty glow. Prep and moisturize skin with Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, add a touch of coral to the eyes with Essential Matte & Shimmer Palette and Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner, and for the most glowy, dewy face, use Glass Glow Face & Body.

For Simply Glowing, Elsa’s look uses a pink shimmery shade of coral on her eyes, contrasted by her luscious glossy lips. To achieve Elsa’s flawless face, start with Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF40 and Air Pod Foundation. Then for added coral touches to the eyes, cheeks, and lips, use Rose Gold Shimmer Palette. Finish her lips with Bijou Lipstick.

Shotta smolders with her deep coral interpretation of the smoky eye. Her lightly highlighted cheeks contrast her overall matte look. This is a beautiful holiday look starts with perfect skin using Souffle Moisturizer and Tinted Moisturizer. The we achieved her smoky eye with Rose Gold Shimmer Palette and Smudge Pot, then we finished her lips with Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.

Get Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done This Holiday Season by a Blushington Beauty Expert.

Do you have a lot of parties in November and December? Consider signing up for Carte Blush Plus, our new unlimited makeup and dry hairstyling membership! You can come in for makeup applications, faux lashes, dry hairstyling and more, so all your holiday beauty needs are taken care of. Visit for more details.

Go to to book your holiday party appointments!


Look Your Best For Your First Date

Date Night Makeup Artist

You’ve done the hard work, weeded out the prospects, and made the first move…so with a date night on the books, the nervousness begins! Before heading out for the evening, though, don’t you want to look and feel your most beautiful self? A visit to a Blushington beauty lounge is the answer – we’re your one stop shop for incredible makeup looks, dry hair styling, and lip treatments – we take the guesswork out of your makeup and hair for date night, and help you calm your nerves while building your confidence!

Date Night Makeup: So Many Looks!

Makeup & Hair SalonWhile you probably have a typical day and evening makeup look, why not mix it up by incorporating some of our signature Blushington makeup looks? We have so many to choose from – or, you can mix and match from your own ideas. Our makeup artists have years of experience and will work with you on your perfect vision for your date night look.


Date Night Hair: Dry Hair Styling Is the Answer!

Don’t stress out about your hairstyle for your big night out – come to Blushington and experience our dry hair styling technique, a quick 30 minute experience to create a beautiful hairstyle just for you. Come in with dry hair and our artists will give you one of our four signature styles: straight & sleek, beachy waves, braid, or bun, all perfectly put together with signature Ouai and ghd products, in less time than you think.

Date Night Lips: Kissable Lip Inspiration!

We totally get the anticipation and excitement with a date night, especially a first date. But, don’t worry, Blushington is here to help make your lips the most luscious, softest and kissable ones possible. We love to start our clients with the incredible Sara Happ Lip Treatment Service, which provides immediate results following a lip scrub, mask and balm, leaving your lips plump, restored and hydrated.

If you’re out in the evening with your date, think about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. What look do you want for your lips? Romantic? Dramatic? Sexy? Blushington has you covered. We love the Full Filled Plumping Lip Gloss-Influence by P/Y/T Beauty, which makes your lips look and feel glossy and moisturized, as well as the Julie Hewett Noir Lipstick, a long-lasting lipstick that won’t dry out your lips, and, finally, our mainstay favorite, Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, which stays in place for up to 6 hours!

Date Night: Go Have Fun!

So do you have a date night on the books? Whether it’s date # 1 or 100, head to a Blushington location to take care of your makeup, hair and lips!


You’re The Bride – Be Your Most Beautiful Self!

Bridal Makeup

The day has finally come when you can announce to the world, “I’m engaged!” With our most heartfelt congratulations, Blushington is prepared to serve your every beauty and hairstyle need for the exciting days ahead of you. Whether for your engagement photos, bridal shower, bachelorette party, engagement soiree, rehearsal dinner, or, of course, the most important day of all, the wedding day, our experts can customize our services to make you look and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself, both inside and out.


Bridal Consultation

With so many events associated with your wedding, we know it can be overwhelming to think about all the details plus your own personal bridal beauty. Blushington’s makeup and hair stylists have vast experience with weddings, and, our services are customized for each bride – we strive to provide a calming, flexible, and highly professional experience so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Wedding Day MakeupOne of the best ways to kick off your bridal beauty prep is with a Bridal Consultation. This visit with our artists will help set the stage for an incredible wedding experience! We can help you shine your brightest by working with you on your personal hair and makeup beauty for your wedding day – having the plan in advance with a team you trust (that truly listens to your wedding day dreams) is key to having the perfect experience with the results you want.


We offer a variety of looks for you to draw inspiration from, or, bring in your ideas – we want you to be overjoyed with your wedding day makeup and hair.



Engagement Photos

A key part of the journey to your wedding day is the Engagement Photoshoot. We love to work with brides to help them prep for this fun day. You can schedule makeup, dry hairstyling, or, airbrush foundation for the big photo day. Our Blushington airbrush foundation has been specifically designed to make you look amazing in photographs and is crucial when considering any professional camera work.


Your engagement party is a great way to mix and mingle and celebrate with family and friends – much like your rehearsal dinner, it’s a more casual way to kick off your formal wedding day celebrations. But don’t forget that you want to look your best for these occasions as well. Blushington offers a variety of makeup looks, from simply glowing to pure and natural and everything in between. Whatever you would like, our artists are ready to help you look your best.


Wedding Day

Wedding Day Makeup ArtistWhile you, as the bride, are most certainly the center of attention on your wedding day, Blushington is also available to cater to the beauty and hair needs of your groom and the entire bridal party (plus parents and in-laws) on-site at one of our many New York, Dallas, and California beauty lounges, or, on location in those areas.


For you, the bride, your wedding day shouldn’t just be perfect, it should be magical. With your bridal consultation details on their agenda, combined with their years of experience of managing wedding day emotions and excitement, our makeup and hair stylists bring their expertise to the site of your big day. The full experience for you and your bridal party is available as are many add-ons, created to enhance your experience to the highest degree in store or on location.


It’s Your Wedding: Make It Beautiful

Falling in love and getting engaged rank high on everyone’s life experiences. So don’t settle for less when planning your makeup and hair for your big day! Blushington’s stylists are primed and ready to create the perfect bridal and engagement looks to make you look and feel like your most beautiful self – and you will!

Contact one of our locations today!