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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The 411 on BB Creams

There's one particular beauty product garnering a ton of attention lately—BB Creams. Wondering what they are—and whether you need one?

BB creams (which stands for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm”) have been the go-to beauty secret for women in Asia for years. But these miracle creams have only recently found their way to the US. And we love them! Not only do they create a flawless finish for your skin, but they’re a huge time saver because they combine so many products into one. You get the benefits of an anti-aging moisturizer, SPF, primer, and foundation in one bottle! Amazingly, it can cover minor blemishes, even out your skin tone, and even diminish fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate dry skin—all in one step!

When applying BB Cream, use it sparingly, with just a pea-sized amount dotted on your forehead, undereyes, nose, chin, and cheeks and then blended well. Depending on the level of coverage you prefer, a BB Cream could replace your foundation completely or just be a more natural weekend look.

There are lots of brands to choose from, but our fave is Stila Stay All Day 10-In-1 HD Beauty Balm. Ideal for all skin types, this oil-free formula is enriched with antioxidants, bamboo, and pea extracts and will improve the overall look of your skin. Best of all, it creates a flawless canvas for incredible makeup application. We use it in many of our makeup looks from On The Go to Simply Glowing and Smoke & Mirrors. No wonder it’s a bestseller at Blushington!

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Blushington - Makeup & Beauty Lounge


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